Night Games drop new single ‘Suffocate’

East London’s Night Games peddle a high-fidelity brand of future pop that sounds effortlessly soulful next to the hordes of trendy electro-pop nowadays. Last single ‘Faithless’ was an important progression in their sound, cohesively juxtaposing their silken synth textures with glockenspiel to create a luxuriously poignant sound.

Latest single ‘Suffocate’ sees them at the apex of their songwriting. Constance’s ethereal reverberating vocals are borne atop crafty synth swells as she sings “I am the space between your sheets / Lift them over my head so I can’t breathe.”

‘Suffocate’ is canny and the execution of feeling in it is so precise, it sounds like it has always been with us, but perversely the more you try to put your finger on it the more it resists comparison.

Night Games will also be playing a series of exclusive gigs this year. The first show will be on June 16th at F. Cooke Pie and Mash shop on Hoxton street at 8PM. There will be a limited guestlist available (mail: Once guestlist is confirmed via email, a £5 donation will be mentioned and set times will be confirmed.


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