Take the ‘Open Road’ with The 109s

the-109s-1The 109’s release an exciting new video ‘Open Road’ – the video reminds me of something that Red Hot Chilli Peppers would do…

Check it out:


‘Open Road’ is a deep rock track, that takes you back in time, with a sound similar to that of Zepplin, Sabbath, Royal Blood to name a few, they have the potential to be as big too.

I am not really a rock fan, but this has swayed me, ‘Open Road’ is a track I could imagine driving in a drop top to, on a sunny day, driving down a long winding road – that is if 1.I could drive and 2. owned a drop top, but the vision is there.

They have been described as ‘High octane blues rock’, I think that perfectly describes The 109s, the band is not short of talent and lead guitarist Matty is also a crime novelist, with three published novels, be sure to check them out if crime is your thing – ‘Werewolf, Scarecrow and Broken Arrow’.

They have an album to be released on October 7th too, I’m hoping to listen and hear more and more of this kind of music, then can I call myself a converted rock fan? I think so, thanks to The 109’s, they have opened my eyes to a new genre that I have never really considered before.


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