REVIEW: Chey – Dirty Love


Introducing Chey a Welsh Valleys woman from Aberdare, Wales. Having performed for over 25 years with much of her early career being spent performing charity gigs for local miners during the 1984 miners strikes, which lasted a year and devastated the South Wales valleys. Chey raised thousands of pounds for areas that suffered from deprivation and community breakdown.

Chey has also appeared on a number of national TV shows, including Saturday Superstore and Just Up Your Street and Moon and Stars. With an impressive background Chey has always dreamed of a successful career within the music industry and has finally taken those steps to make her dreams come true.

She was spotted by top producer David Ezra on Soundcloud, he invited her down to his studio in London along with songwriter Shakil Hussain , where they recorded and wrote Dirty Love in one day, which is impressive within itself.

Check out Dirty Love below:


Dirty Love tells the story of a woman using her sexuality to get what she wants and emphasise on the power of a woman, Chey says Dirty Love was written in the heat of the moment, having feelings about someone else can sometimes be the trigger you need to move on from the relationship you’re in. I recorded the vocals the same day it was written, to reflect the emotion, I was feeling at that time, I wanted the single to be raw and edgy and convey as much passion as possible.’

From listening to Dirty Love you can hear the passion in Chey’s voice and feel how much she wants to succeed. The track feels very Portishead like and comparisons between the two are very similar, but this is not in any way a bad thing. If anything it’s brilliant.

Chey has the potential and voice to go far and has even been described as ‘The girl with the golden tonsils’ and I really can see why, gifted with such a beautiful voice, I am excited to see what is next for the lovely woman.


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