Ginny Vee – ‘Give Me Dynamite’

It hasn’t always been completely straightforward for Italian born singer Ginny Vee. For a long time, her parents urged her to get a ‘secure job’ rather than follow the difficult journey of a musician. After trying her hand at Law school, modelling and acting in LA, Ginny finally realised that music was her calling and she shouldn’t suppress her talent as a singer.

Now, after linking up with producer Christian De Walden, as well as Vanni Giorgilli and Peter Chiesa at Mind The Floor records, Ginny is releasing her addictive dance-pop anthem, ‘Give Me Dynamite’.

The catchy new single has a distinct Euro-house sound with bags of feel good vibes resonating from Vee’s super-clear vocals. The upbeat single was also arranged by Steve Manovski (co producer and co writer of Sigala’s hit single ‘Give Me Your Love’ Feat John Newman & Nile Rodgers). The song was recently played at the Amsterdam Dance Event where it was quickly snapped up by Disco:Wax (Sony Music).

You can listen to the teaser for the track here:




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