‘Home’- James Kennedy

Decent rock acts are few and far between these days, with many people still living by the ‘rock and roll is dead’ mantra, but luckily for us, James Kennedy has returned with new inspiration for his new rock infused album, Home.

James found success in his native Wales with his band Kyshera, who spent a considerable amount of time touring across Europe with their brand of lively and powerful, alt-rock. However, the lifestyle began to get a little overwhelming for James who fell into bouts of depression, forcing him to take a break from what he does best.

After a well-needed and deserved break, James has rejuvenated himself as well his musical desire, writing and recording his latest solo album in just a few months. There were clearly a number of things James wanted to write down and the cathartic process of songwriting acted as a therapeutic endeavour for him.

Home sees James leave the sound of Kyshera behind in favour of a more singer-songwriter-esque rock style which is well within his musical capabilities. The album also presents a writer who is both self-examining, as well as outwardly aware; an ideal combination which reflects Kennedy’s journey of depression from dark to light.

Kennedy had serious hearing problems as a child, resulting in 3 major surgeries and the fear of permanent hearing loss always present. This led to his school life being interrupted, developing his ability for self learning, which he applied to learning guitar, vocals, piano, bass and music production. The entirely self taught musician was soon accepted to Welsh College of Music & Drama where he developed his skills further, before working in a recording studio, which he used to form his own label Konic Records.









Pre-order ‘Home’ here:




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