After 11 Years, ‘The Black Parade’ Marches On

2013 marked the end of My Chemical Romance as a band but fans refused to let them die and have revived the group by voting ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ MTV’s Music Video of the Century!

Watch the music video here:

Up against iconic music videos such as Beyoncé ‘Single Ladies’ and Rihanna ft. Jay-Z ‘Umbrella’, ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ has taken home the title of best music video in this millennium. The win is not surprising when taken into account it was directed by Samuel Bayer who has worked with the likes of Green Day and Nirvana. As well as having Oscar winning Colleen Atwood on board for costume. The single was available on Myspace on September 2nd 2006 from the band’s third studio album The Black Parade (released September 11th 2006).

The music video itself was released September 26th 2006 in the UK and was featured heavily on MTV. The mix of narrative and performance based visuals follow a character only known as ‘The Patient’ (portrayed by Lukas Haas, Mars Attacks!) as he is on his death bed where he transcends to join the “Black Parade.” The band are seen preforming on a float where they are followed by a group of masked people, the hidden identities conveying how they could represent anyone. The whole video takes place in a dystopian world with contradicting lyrics of ‘carrying on’ despite the inevitability of death. Rallying listeners that death is not the end and ‘the world will never take [your] heart’.

The main concept of the video follows the idea that death comes from your most powerful memory, as lead singer Gerard Way explained in an interview with MTV. In this case death manifests for ‘The Patient’ in the form of a parade he saw as a young boy, something that followed him through life and now he will follow it in death. The passionate and enthusiastic performance of the band gives an uplifting vibe to the otherwise seemingly depressing visuals and has become iconic no matter what genre of music you prefer.

The music video has proved truly timeless and though My Chemical Romance is dead and gone, believe me, their memory will carry on.




Review by Skye Walshe-Winwood


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