Colour Clash 2017!

Colours burst against white shirts, the powder exploding heavily in the air as the ground vibrated with the pulsating of live music…

A little over the top description but the only fitting way to begin explaining the overwhelming excitement this year’s Newport Colour Clash embodied.

Not my video but a montage of the event that provides visuals by the Youtube channel IamLiamFry:

Only running for its second year the festival had a surprisingly large amount of enthusiasm built around it; like a moth to a flame for surrounding Welsh students. Hosted by Newport Events on July 15th at Rodney Parade, Newport, the all-day event was located in a small field teeming with activities other than just live music. Providing food and drink stalls, a multi-coloured Ferris wheel that allowed a bird’s eye view of the festival as well as your classic fun fair rides and game stalls. Throughout the whole day both the main stage and dome tent were providing live music from artists such as Jaguar Skills, DJ Ironik and Ultrabeat. Both artists and festival goers alike were able to purchase colour powder packets from the event and unleash them amongst their friends and others in the crowd. Leaving everyone stumbling from the festival painted in a rainbow mosaic that will forever remain as a reminder of the unforgettable day (although the event promised the powder to be machine washable!)

20138054_1842933792690044_332077795_oMy personal interest in the event stemmed from my love of festivals and a good excuse to meet up with my Uni friends however I found myself pleasantly surprised at the amount of fun I had. The style of music the event promoted (drum and bass) is not my preferred choice but enjoying live music in nearly any capacity I decided to give it a go, especially at only £22 a ticket. Due to not usually listening to the drum and bass style of music, and discovering many of the artists at the event, I will only provide an overview of the event as well as my overall conclusion on the festival.

The day began with enjoying the upbeat and jovial atmosphere but soon gave way to a night of enticing live music. The two acts that stood out for me the most were Shy FX and Sigma. I found everyone in the crowd to be accommodating and no one looking to spoil the day for anyone else however one particular incident that could have ruined the set was stopped by the artist on stage. During Shy FX’s set a fight broke out in the middle of the crowd but was quickly stopped when the artist drew security’s attention to the incident. After giving a speech on how that kind of behaviour would not be accepted the performer then went on to metaphorically embrace the crowd in a show of love he encouraged the crowd to do the same. As well as enjoying the music I found a sense of respect I feel for any performer who takes an interest in the crowd, something they are not obligated to do. Creating a fun but also safe environment for fans to enjoy.

The last performance of the night was the one everyone had been waiting for: Sigma. At this point I even found myself barely containing excitement. The set was incredible as the English drum and bass duo rallied the crowd in a euphoric wave of excitement that had us all begging for more. The act even surprised the audience by bringing artist and producer DJ Majestic – known for his work with the act – for a collaboration that only amped up the enthusiastic crowd. Playing a mixture of old and new tracks – as well as one that had never been heard before – Sigma brought the festival into the night as well as giving a satisfying end to the event.

When initially arriving at the festival I was unsure as to whether I would return for another year but after my experience I can’t wait to attend again and encourage anyone in the Newport area – or further – to do the same! Even if you are not sure the style of music will appeal to you, the crowd atmosphere and event itself would have been enough but I found myself enjoying the acts regardless. Still only being two years old the event will no doubt continue to grow and keep providing more and more.

List of acts at Colour Clash 2017:

> Sigma
> J Hus
> Shy FX
> Tom Zanetti
> Donaeo
> Jaguar Skills
> Artful Dodger
> Ultrbeat
> DJ Ironik
> Blazin Squad
> Booty Luv
> Sweet Female Attitude
> Platinum
> DJ Kuta (Original N Trance)




Review by Skye W.Winwood


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