Have a drink with Albino and their new track ‘Belinda’

In 2017 the 60s are thriving as the decade seems to be making a comeback with the help of bands just like Albino. The four man folk rock band are about to release their new album Night At The Chemist which contains the retro track ‘Belinda.’

Listen to ‘Belinda’ here: https://soundcloud.com/al-bino-6/belinda

Fueled by whiskey and embodying a vintage rock sound Albino promote the iconic ‘flower-power’ that made bands like The Animals and The Doors unforgettable. The band themselves stating: ‘we may not change the world with our music but we’ll definitely leave a scar.’ Made up of Ben Tucker on guitar and vocals, Merv ‘Fuzzy’ Salole on bass, Gareth Morris also on guitar and Don Gibson on percussion, Albino have said their main aim is to entertain with their rambunctious and humours music. Two words perfect for describing the single ‘Belinda.’

The sound of the track alone reminds of an upbeat Johnny Cash with the lyrics telling the tale of a man in love with a woman who is too good for her lay about husband. The narrator of the song just asking ‘when ya finally gonna notice me, Belinda?’ The toe tapping tune contains comical and off-the-wall lyrics that will have you dancing and laughing hysterically at the same time. The music video for the song is both belly aching hilarious and simultaneously creative by using stop animation Lego pieces to form the narrative based video.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzNMThSkNBk

Ben, as the main songwriter, uses inspiration from his own life to come up with the simple but extremely catchy words. The rest of the album exploring topics from love and deviancy to distrust of priests and historical events. Much like ‘Belinda’ the songs seem to play almost like short stories that will no doubt keep listeners entertained for hours.

Since putting their drunken genius to work in 2005 Albino shifted through time and have grown as a band to the point where now they are confident enough to say they have found their own sound. Even if the sound is lost 50 years in the past! Although Albino’s multi-talented line up has changed over the years their unwavering commitment and electric energy has remained the same.







Review by Skye W.Winwood


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