Salute Music Makers competition update: now calling all women!

The deadline for Salute Music Makers songwriter competition is fast approaching with the cut off being midnight on August 13th. As a reminder this competition is open to anyone in the UK wanting to prove themselves as driven songwriters completely free of charge. Offering a cash prize to the winner of £50,000 to spend on whatever they deem worthy. As well as the other finalists all leaving with £10,000 for making it through the initial 100 that will be chosen through way of a public vote.

With entries flooding in from all ages and genres the competition has proven to be youth-led in terms of age demographic with the largest age range being between sixteen and thirty-four allowing for a vast variety of talent. However one demographic is not being represented how the competition thought and are left wondering why. Currently, the competition has proven to be male dominated with only 19% of current entrants being female. Female producer and songwriter Dee Adam who has been recruited as a member of Salute’s curator panel has said, ‘I am surprised and a little sad that so few girls have entered the competition, especially knowing how many talented female songwriters there are in the UK.’ Dee goes on to express how she feels ‘girls need to be heard in an industry that is heavily dominated by males,’ wanting to encourage female songwriters to step forward and take advantage of an opportunity such as this! There is still time for anyone in the UK to enter but a huge encouragement towards women wanting to make a break in the music world!



 By Skye W. Winwood


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