Neethusha is following her own path with new romantic ballad ‘Why Did I Lose You’

Life isn’t black and white, nothing is set in stone and the journey we all take is determined by our own actions. Indian born vocalist Neethusha is a perfect example of how life can take unexpected turns. Already having her life planned out Neethusha confessed her Indian upbringing and the pressures from society nearly stopped her from beginning her musical journey. However with a self-driven determination she is now realising her new love ballad ‘Why Did I Lose You.’

Watch the music video for the song here:

The free spirited singer/songwriter began her journey in the music industry as the lead singer for the band SteroGrind on Kappa TV back in her Kerala hometown. Pushing past the social restraints she faced and instead began listening to the ‘voice in my head’ that encouraged her to pursue her passion. Breaking away from life as a computer science graduate and an engineer in the Bangalore offices of Deloitte, Neethusha turned her music outlet into something more than expression. Her determination lead to show performances such as Facebook India Party and Femina Style Diva in South India in 2015. Since 2016 Neethusha has been a solo artist who has played gigs all around the country including Elle Carnival.

The ballad ‘Why Did I Lose You’ begins as a slow guitar strumming piece with Neethusha’s vocals almost floating over the music before kicking into a thumping drum beat that almost resonates. Her soft but powerful voice echoes the sound of Sharon den Adel, lead singer of Within Temptation, whilst the lyrics and style of the song remind of Celine Dion. A connection that is hardly surprising as Neethusha draws influence from bands such as Savage Garden and Coldplay as well as artists Shania Twain and Dion. Neethusha has explained her aim is to create music consisting of many genres such as funk, rock and acoustic led pop. Keeping the open mindedness that has helped her to find success.



Review by Skye W. Winwood


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