The return of Twenty One Pilots

2 thoughts on “The return of Twenty One Pilots”

  1. Love your blog! I have been a TØP fan since 2012. I totally agree with you on how the vibe of Jumpsuit is heavier, I love it. As for the mv, it is a mix of HeavyDirtySoul, Heathens and Jumpsuit. The man on the horse is Blurryface. Jumpsuit is a bridge to where Twenty One Pilots left off with the Blurryface album.

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    1. Oh, right. I had a small understanding because my sister is a huge fan but thank you for the clarification. I imagine I will be very involved in this era of TØP so you can be sure to look forward to more post on them as things unfold! Thank you so much for your continued support of the blog. Definitely doesn’t go unnoticed! 😊


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