Travel Playlist

Travelling; it’s got to be done because nobody wants to stay at Point A forever. With the Easter Break over, people all over are returning home from holidays abroad or back from home towns to their lives at school/university/work. As great as the time away can be, the long hours of travelling can sometimes be … Continue reading Travel Playlist

Discovering Sundara Karma

Word and mouth is possibly one of the most popular and definitely the most cost effective ways of promotion. Music always being something people want to share with others, it is possibly the industry to benefit from this the most. Although the English indie pop/rock band Sundara Karma have not been around for that long … Continue reading Discovering Sundara Karma

Colour Clash 2017!

Colours burst against white shirts, the powder exploding heavily in the air as the ground vibrated with the pulsating of live music… A little over the top description but the only fitting way to begin explaining the overwhelming excitement this year’s Newport Colour Clash embodied. Not my video but a montage of the event that … Continue reading Colour Clash 2017!