Slim Shady makes a return in violent new music video for ‘Framed’

Sometimes a music artist’s lyrics have to be taken with a pinch of salt, the words can’t always be interpreted so literally, and we have to listen for the hidden meanings inside the metaphors. Due to this, artists have been known to create characters and adopt personas dependant on the subject matters of their songs. Back in his early days, Eminem adopted the role of Slim Shady when he delved into dark and twisted lyrics sometimes with a comedic edge that could make those who are not hardcore fans uncomfortable. Over the years both the rapper and his music have matured, the Slim Shady persona being used less and less to explore more insightful subjects. ‘Framed’ from the newly released 2017 album, Revival, sees the return of Slim Shady in all his twisted creativity. The music video released a few days ago has further proven this observation and caused a stir among both fans and casual listeners.

Watch the music video here (viewer discretion is advised due to violent nature and themes that could be upsetting for some):

Even before the music video was released, fans noted the return of Eminem’s sound during older albums such as Relapse (2009). The rapper has always been on either an uphill or spiralling journey through his music, putting out both raw and honest lyrics he has never tried to hide behind. Notorious for creating controversial but creative lyrics has always had people split on whether Eminem’s music is offensive or if he is just saying what the rest of us are afraid to. Revival explores the artist’s personal issues with being stripped down in the media in ‘Walk on Water’ whilst also dealing with politically pressing issues in ‘Untouchable.’ ‘Framed’ paints a bloody and horrific picture of Eminem being accused of a crime he claims he did not commit simply because the lyrics of his song match up to the murders being investigated. Although the lyrics of ‘Framed’ may have been written for the sake of how they sounded, the process works to create something both chaotic and unnerving. The twisted tune behind the words causes the skin to crawl whilst Eminem’s harsh spitting of the lyrics enforces the violence behind them. In an interview Eminem admitted the creation of the song was mostly based on the beat behind it, explaining how he felt the beat was ‘evil’ and therefore needed ‘evil’ lyrics to go with it.

For horror movie lovers, the music video compliments the lyrics in all their disturbing darkness by depicting a man not in his right mind and the bloody consequences of this. The sped-up editing of Eminem’s movements causes him to appear disturbed, the spasmodic contortion of his arms and torso making it seem like he is trying to get away from himself. The video and lyrics toy with the idea of suffering with a spilt personality and the battle he is facing by being mocked with duplicates of himself. The certainty that Eminem was framed becomes less so as the music video progresses, the lyrics reflecting this in the chorus, ‘I’m almost certain I was framed,’ leaving room for significant doubt and putting into play the idea that it isn’t this version of Eminem who is guilty. The combination of live action and animated drawings blur the line between reality and fiction, warping the viewers’ mind in a state of confusion.

Certainly, a video to make up your own mind about, one thing we can all agree on is how Eminem still continues to push both creative and comfort barriers with his music.



Eminem’s second single ‘Untouchable’ from up-coming album Revival

Eminem’s new single ‘Walk on Water’ seems to be taking things in a new direction

Eminem stands against Donald Trump in diss track ‘The Storm’


Review by Skye W. Winwood


Eminem’s new single ‘Walk on Water’ seems to be taking things in a new direction

After an incredible career spanning multiple years, Eminem is back with the release of ‘Walk on Water.’ The first single from his highly anticipated, upcoming album Revival. The name of the album has had fans speculating the direction the rapper will take his music in. After listening to ‘Walk on Water’ it’s obvious Eminem has delved into a place he has only before skimmed the surface of. Not a song to add to your pre drinks list but instead a thought provoking and deeply personal piece. One still infused with the genius Eminem is notorious for bringing to his music.

Listen to ‘Walk on Water’ here:

The first thing that may catch your attention about ‘Walk on Water’ is the collaboration with pop queen, Beyoncé. The female singer’s angelic tones adding another layer of beauty and softness to the otherwise raw song. Eminem has become well known for his angry and rhyme spitting lyrics when it comes to his music, something he is both praised and ridiculed for. However ‘Walk on Water’ is filled less with anger and more with powerful emotion, each lyric hitting hard without offending. The central topic of the song is Eminem looking back on his career as a rapper and analysing the journey he has made to where he is today. Questioning his relevance now and speaking truthfully about how he feels his fans treat him. Using ‘Walk on Water’ to bring a fresh era of music.

From the beginning of the song Eminem instantly dives into the struggles he has suffered trying to live up to the expectations fans have of him. Outwardly questioning, ‘why, are expectations so high? Is it the bar I set?’, still questioning himself also. Showing a level of maturity as he is not shirking the responsibility entirely onto his audience. Whilst also addressing the fact that sometimes he has fears of not being able to cope with the pressure these expectations are putting on him. The song then flows into a sense of realisation as Eminem address the fact that no matter how hard he works on his music, there will always be people out there criticising him. He shows his talent as a clever word smith by playing with the phrase ‘bitter pill to swallow’ by replacing it with ‘that’s a hard Vicodin to swallow.’ Using a drug he has had recorded issues with, showing how he is willing to accept the mistakes of his past and not simply act as if they never happened.

‘Walk on Water’ stands as a song for all artists, the inclusion of Beyoncé on the track furthering this. Speaking about troubles artists face such as never believing if their work will be good enough or if they should simply just pander to fan wants instead of their own. Eminem uses personal experiences when he has ‘[sat] in the car, listen, and pick it apart’, referring to lyrics he has written only to disregard them due to fan expectation. The song rises to an almost lyrical crescendo as Eminem seems to get back to his roots. Giving acknowledgement to those who inspired him such as 2Pac and the Notorious B.I.G. Even referring to Deshaun, an old friend who was killed in 2006 as the only person who could ever really judge him.

The track ends on a wind down as the song enters a state of reflection with Eminem imagining a world where he is forgotten by fans but that no longer matters. Instead of fading away, the rapper plans to stay and fight for the music he wants as he rightly should. Even ending the track on a bit of comedy with ‘so me and you are not alike/bitch, I wrote ‘Stan’’. Showing that the rapper knows his worth even if it took all these years to figure it out.

‘Walk on Water’ acts as a reminder to fans that artists are people too. We are all human, we all make mistakes and none of us should be held under contempt for our pasts.







Review by Skye W. Winwood

Eminem stands against Donald Trump in diss track ‘The Storm’

Rap artist Eminem is notorious for his controversial music from the topics of his songs to the kind of language used. The rapper received an insane combination of both hate and praise in his early years and, although some still don’t like his music, it is undeniable how the man himself has grown. Proving the years of wisdom and maturity he has gained by releasing ‘The Storm’ at the BET Hip Hop Awards. A four and a half minute track composed purely of hard hitting, honest lyrics against Donald Trump and his presidential campaign.

Listen to ‘The Storm’ here:

Tensions leading up to the 2016 Presidential elections exploded on two sides when it was announced Donald J. Trump would be the 45th President of the United States. Winning on policies that have been proven to be discriminative, dangerous and overall damning of minorities across the USA. Since his inauguration into the White House people have risen as a collective to challenge Trump and push him out of office, including a multitude of celebrities that are using their status to make aware those who are ignorantly hiding in the dark. The personal respect I have for these celebrities is immeasurable and I can only express gratitude for people responsibly using the positions they have to address such distressing issues.

Eminem is one of these celebrities who will have my eternal respect after releasing his track ‘The Storm’ on Tuesday 10th October. The title alone speaks volumes toward the importance of the song as it promises the storm Eminem plans to bring down on Trump in the form of both the raining of lyrics in the track but also how he hopes the song will rally people to stand up against Trump. The freestyle track high lights the importance of the views contained in the lyrics by being supported by no music. Nothing to obscure or obstruct the important message Eminem is trying to get across to his fans as well as anyone willing to listen. The lyrics stand out in the sharp and cutting way Eminem has always preformed with a passionate style that can be heard even in the pauses.

The lyrics of the track criticise Trump’s policies and campaign promises as well as questioning his patriotism. Eminem calls Trump out by saying ‘he waits for sh** to quiet down, he’ll just gas up his plane and fly around till the bombing stops’ after making reference to the ‘nuclear holocaust’ Trump is at risk of causing. These lyrics bring to light the question on whether Trump will be an honourable captain and go down with the ship he is sinking, effectively calling him a coward and further questioning whether this is the man America wants as their president. The disturbing and striking imagery conjured up from ‘holocaust’ and ‘kamikaze’ is both shocking and powerful, emphasising the issues Trump’s campaign was built on. As well as making clear the magnitude at which this is an issue, that Trump’s campaign is being likened to devastating historical events.

The track also draws attention to Trump’s inconsistences by saying he is doing the ‘same sh** that he tormented Hillary for and he slandered/then does it more’, proving that the world is watching and there are people who see right through him. Eminem then tears down Trump by speaking about the military and how black soldiers ‘come home from Iraq/and is still told to go back to Africa/fork and dagger in this racist 94-year-old grandpa’. The simple lyrics ridicule Trump and strip him of his power, proving that his status as President does not excuse his racist and discriminative views. Going so far as to say his politics are made of nothing but ‘tricks’ and drawing attention to important recent events such as the shooting in Nevada that has not changed Trump’s policy on gun law in America. Eminem also pays tribute to Colin Kaepernick in the lyrics, ‘f*** that, this is for Colin, ball up a fist/and keep that shit balled like Donald the bitch’. Kaepernick was the first NFL player to protest standing during the national anthem. Eminem not only praises this protest but unites all of those who oppose Trump.

The track ends with Eminem both calling out and calling on his fans saying he is ‘drawing a line in the sand: you’re either for or against.’ Stating now is the time to choose a side and stop idly waiting by for things to blow over because they won’t. The last few lyrics are truly powerful: ‘the rest of American stand up/we love our military, and we love our country/but we f****** hate Trump.’ These lines are so important because they address the issue that if you do not support your President it means you are not truly an American and that you must hate America. Of course this is not the case and Eminem is taking one more step forward in the movement to waking up America.

To me the track speaks one simple message: storms may pass but the destruction they leave behind can be devastating.



Review by Skye W. Winwood

Ten seconds is all Anthony Vincent needs to win you over to his music

In this day and age music stars are being created across all kinds of platforms. Signing a record deal to gain fame is a thing of the past with multimedia sharing websites such as Youtube. Anthony Vincent, better known as Ten Second Songs by his Youtube channel, has fully taken advantage of the opportunities the internet offers by creating something to showcase both his talent and musical genius. Anthony takes popular songs and preforms them in ten second snippets in 20+ different styles.

Listen to Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ in 20 different styles here:

Beginning his channel back in 2014 Anthony blew up the internet with his unique take on ‘Dark Horse’ currently his most popular video at over twenty-one million views! The cover includes twenty different styles by twenty different artists ranging from Frank Sinatra and Pavarotti to Panthera and Slipknot. Anthony manages to perfectly capture the unique sound of each artist so that they are recognisable even without the subtitles crediting who they are. As his channel has grown Anthony also manages to imitate mannerisms and stage personas of certain artists such as Marilyn Manson in his ‘Pokémon in 20 Styles of the Late 90s’ video. Branching out even further to include styles of Mongolian throat singing and Mozart in ‘System of a Down Chop Suey in 20 Styles Cover’ and ‘Twenty-One Pilots Heathens in 21 Styles Cover.’

Despite being able to imitate a plethora of genres and styles Anthony’s personal talent lies in the heavy rock genre, giving him the multi instrumental talent and powerful voice to seamlessly transform between styles. It’s obvious Anthony takes great pride in his work, the editing of his videos as precise and well thought out as the music itself. Anthony takes the idea of a one-man-band to a level of professionalism that astounds as he also includes videos of himself playing the instruments of each video.

Not only does Anthony provide a bounty of entertainment but he uses the popularity he has gained to interact with his fans. Holding votes for certain songs to be solely preformed in one style or voting for which song he will cover next. As well as his affinity for music Anthony comes across as a genuine guy who appreciates all the support people have given him over the years. His Youtube channel currently stands at over two million subscribers and I encourage anyone with a love of music to follow him as he continues to provide humorous, talented entertainment with a genre or style for just about anyone.

As well as covers of other artists’ songs Anthony has his own band, Set The Charge, who deserve just as much support and will be covered in a separate blog post in the future!

Popular Videos:

Linkin Park ‘In The End’ 20 Style Cover:

Jason Derulo ‘Talk Dirty’ 20 Style Cover:

Adele ‘Hello’ 25 Style Cover:

Pokémon Theme in 20 Styles the late 90s:

System of a Down ‘Chop Suey’ 20 Styles Cover:




Review By Skye W.Winwood

Hip-hop experimentalist M3staken ends trilogy with ‘Rain’

M3staken, otherwise known as M3, is an ambitious producer from South Carolina who mixes classics hip-hop beats with progressive, electronic instrumentation, and the outcome is like nothing you’ve heard before.

It’s dark, it’s brooding and full of complicated nuances that take a few listens to appreciate properly. This only goes to demonstrate the young musician’s boundary-pushing aesthetic as he aims to break down the confined walls of boxed genres with a style of music that defies them all.

‘Rain’, the final part of M3’s trilogy is by no means ‘easy-listening’, but it’s not intended to be. You can imagine it providing the perfect soundtrack for a video game or sci-fi movie, so perhaps this is where M3 will head next with his talents.

Check out ‘Rain’ here:




‘Turn U On’ by Kadi

Having worked alongside other talented musicians such as Moorish Delta 7, producers like Baby J and supporting Omar, KADI is an artist looking to change the game with her new single, ‘Turn U On’.

Creating a substantial message is of detrimental importance to KADI and the female rapper does this whilst fusing an infectious brand of R’n’B, hip-hop and pop. She is aiming to push a new agenda in the genre, empowering women, rather than portraying the often sexist image that is depicted in hip-hop.

She believes the industry in general shows that “having a big ass or showing your breasts gets you attention” but she wants to succeed by being only herself. ‘Turn U On’ was based on when KADI lived in NYC and most of the producers told her she had to be sexual to get far, but she believes she can “turn people on with my clothes on”.

Consequently, KADI is keeping her music sexy, but classy with a powerful message too. Inspired by the sophisticated style and flow of Lauren Hill, KADI’s ‘Turn U On’ allows her moral principles and undeniable talent to shine through. Well worth a listen.

Find out more on KADI here:


‘Devil Ina Blue Dress’: Dex Man ft. J Wanza

South London based musician and rapper Dexter Sampson, who others may know simply as ‘Dex Man’ has returned with his killer new track, ‘Devil Ina Blue Dress’, featuring fellow rapper, J Wanza.

Dex Man has been lucky enough to gain some valuable information from music industry experts like Corey Johnson, who has worked with the likes of Nasty Crew, Lady Fury, Maxsta and has even been linked with the global hit ‘One Dance’ by Drake. Undoubtedly, Dex Man is using this information to give him the upper hand with his music, and this is certainly exhibited in ‘Devil Ina Blue Dress’ with its clever lyrics and groove-heavy beats.

You might describe Dex Man as a genre hopper, dabbling in a number of styles including hip hop, pop, reggae, drill, house and R&B to create his unique fusion of sounds.

Devil Ina Blue Dress has received a brilliant response after being featured on Link Up TV and Hackney’s Finest, the video has received over 40,000 views on the platforms combined in under a week, delivering musical messages metaphorically and with versatility, something which is paramount to Dexman. Taking influences from heavyweights such as Dr Dre, Meek Mill, Skepta and Drake, Dex Man is keen to emulate the success of his inspirations, motivating him to take that next step within the music industry.

Not shy to the stage, Dexman has performed at both the O2 and Water Margin alongside other Leftwing movement members. With great reviews, this has encouraged Dexman to further his career musically.




CR Blacks – Rosie’s Interlude


The North London wordsmith treats us to visuals for the dreamy, trippy slash laid back hip hop record with an hint of alternative RNB.


ROSIE’s INTERLUDE, arguably one CR Blackss best pieces of work to date has been brought to life by well known Berlin based videographer Bruce Thompson. Inspired by the all-too-common temptations of a couple that are no good for each other but ironically can’t stay apart…


Filmed in Mitte, Berlin. The video captures the SLOCAL emcee revealing his smoother side as he spends time reflecting on greater times with the once eminent Rosie. His emerging and alternative sound has garnered him support from the likes of EARMILK, COMPLEX, THE 405, RWD MAG just to name a few.


Off the back of an electrifying show on the main stage of Dubai’s SOLE DXB festival, the bilingual rapper aims to keep the momentum going as he prepares the release of his upcoming project Gate 33, which is due to be released on December 19th. With that being said, the visual accompaniment of “Rosie’s Interlude” comes at a perfect time.




‘Lovelorn’- Alonestar

Alonestar is the moniker under which rapper and producer Jethro Sheeran goes (yes, he is related to Ed Sheeran) and now he is back with ‘Lovelorn’, his ‘strongest and most powerful song… to date’.

The track features the bright, talented vocals of Rosie Ribbons and was also produced with the help of Massive Attack’s Angelo Bruschini and Damon Reece.

The track, which draws on past experiences for both Sheeran and Ribbons, who co-wrote the song, presents ‘something fresh and different to anything else out there at the moment.’ Jethro notes that he ‘dug deep to exercise the darkness in this track, and fell into the depths of my soul when coming up with the concept.’ The song tackles ideas of heartbreak and unrequited love, all with a distinctive hip-hop/rap edge.

Having already shot straight to no.3 on the itunes chart with his debut album, Cornerstone, Alonestar is one to keep an eye on in the near future. Watch this space!


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