Lawrence Preston has ‘Something For You’

Music has gone through transformations for both the better and the worst but as musical technology advances, artists seem to be forgetting that creating music is something more than a quick profit. Hiding behind auto-tune and getting lost in pigeon-hole conventions music is slowly becoming a hypodermic needle some consumers are willingly injecting because they know no different. Lawrence Preston is a welcome break from this mass production and stands as a reminder that there are genuine artists still out there. Creating soul music with real heart, the singer/songwriter has returned with his new single ‘Something For You.’

Watch the music video here:

Emerging initially in the 90s, Lawrence recorded his first full length album in 1997 that contained the glowing wealth of experience he already had as a musician. Born into a musical family in San Francisco Lawrence was destined for musical greatness before he could even learn to speak, no matter sing! His parents formed a gospel group (The Sensational Travelers) at the local church where his grandfather was a pastor and it is undeniable this connection made it into Lawrence’s incredible voice. By the age of five he was a part of another family gospel group that was known locally as The Gospel Jackson Five but had the official name of Fantastic Four and was only the beginning of Lawrence’s lifelong commitment to music. This unwavering commitment turned Lawrence not only into a singer but also multi-instrumentalist as he is able to play the trombone and guitar but shows his true talent with the bass.

By age nineteen, Lawrence already had a horde of musical talent and personal experience under his belt but just needed to catch one influential eye to showcase this. He caught that eye in the form of Freddie Stone who is the founder of Sly & The Family Stone who recommended him to Dorothy Morrison. Morrison recognised Lawrence’s bass talent and had him play for a significant amount of time in her gospel band in the 1980s. This professional experience lead to Lawrence’s album in the 90s and now he’s back with his new single ‘Something For You.’

‘Something For You’ is a soul infused track that perfectly marries Lawrence’s smooth vocals and his magnetic bass playing. From the first note the song draws you in and maintains a low burning rhythm of ultra-smooth funk that brings to mind the likes of Marcus Miller, Rustee Allen and Stanley Clarke. Lawrence’s velvet vocals make you feel as if he is singing directly to you and is almost a blessing beating upon your eardrum. Available now, ‘Something For You’ is exactly what it promises to be.





Review by Skye W.Winwood


Crack of Dawn are stealing the spotlight with their new single

When two experienced musicians come together to create a piece of music, expectations are high and the delivery is normally beyond people’s expectations. Yet this occurrence can happen once in a blue moon so Crack of Dawn could be classed as a musical miracle with the musicians they have in their ranks.

The band features guitarist and producer Carly Harvey who has been the lead guitarist for Toots & the Maytals since their Live at Hammersmith album in 1980. Even sharing the group’s 2004 Grammy win and joining them on a world support tour with bands like the Rolling Stones and Santana. Next is sax player Rupert Harvey who is the founder of Canada’s most successful reggae band (Messenjah). Trevor Daley who has played with the reggae group Third World is also on board, along with trumpeter Alexis Baro, keyboardist Bela Hayman, drummer Carl Otway, bassist Charles Sinclair and to finish the jam packed act off is Michael Dunston with his undeniably smooth soulful voice. The combining of these talented musicians with their abundance of musical experience creates something more powerful than a mere band. The group almost becoming a movement of sheer power that will both physically and emotionally move you with their music.

After being discovered by Otis Redding’s producer, Crack of Dawn were the first black band to be signed to a major label and have by passed their contemporaries Earth, Wind and Fire. Despite being predicted for great things and being one of Canada’s greatest musical success stories for nearly 40 years, the band have remained quiet for some time until the explosion of their new single ‘Spotlight.’ A five minute, hypnotic track of expressing both a romance in the form of a heartfelt love song and the band’s love for their fans and all the support they have and continue to receive. The music almost breezes through your mind on smooth tranquil tones with rhythmic bursts of musical light that will make it impossible to stay still whilst the song is playing.

Back in their own spotlight Crack of Dawn have stolen the show beyond their musicals pasts and created something that just solidifies their places as professional musicians. The single is set to be released on November 19th of this year and promises to be only the beginning of Crack of Dawn’s return.







Review by Skye W.Winwood

Ten seconds is all Anthony Vincent needs to win you over to his music

In this day and age music stars are being created across all kinds of platforms. Signing a record deal to gain fame is a thing of the past with multimedia sharing websites such as Youtube. Anthony Vincent, better known as Ten Second Songs by his Youtube channel, has fully taken advantage of the opportunities the internet offers by creating something to showcase both his talent and musical genius. Anthony takes popular songs and preforms them in ten second snippets in 20+ different styles.

Listen to Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ in 20 different styles here:

Beginning his channel back in 2014 Anthony blew up the internet with his unique take on ‘Dark Horse’ currently his most popular video at over twenty-one million views! The cover includes twenty different styles by twenty different artists ranging from Frank Sinatra and Pavarotti to Panthera and Slipknot. Anthony manages to perfectly capture the unique sound of each artist so that they are recognisable even without the subtitles crediting who they are. As his channel has grown Anthony also manages to imitate mannerisms and stage personas of certain artists such as Marilyn Manson in his ‘Pokémon in 20 Styles of the Late 90s’ video. Branching out even further to include styles of Mongolian throat singing and Mozart in ‘System of a Down Chop Suey in 20 Styles Cover’ and ‘Twenty-One Pilots Heathens in 21 Styles Cover.’

Despite being able to imitate a plethora of genres and styles Anthony’s personal talent lies in the heavy rock genre, giving him the multi instrumental talent and powerful voice to seamlessly transform between styles. It’s obvious Anthony takes great pride in his work, the editing of his videos as precise and well thought out as the music itself. Anthony takes the idea of a one-man-band to a level of professionalism that astounds as he also includes videos of himself playing the instruments of each video.

Not only does Anthony provide a bounty of entertainment but he uses the popularity he has gained to interact with his fans. Holding votes for certain songs to be solely preformed in one style or voting for which song he will cover next. As well as his affinity for music Anthony comes across as a genuine guy who appreciates all the support people have given him over the years. His Youtube channel currently stands at over two million subscribers and I encourage anyone with a love of music to follow him as he continues to provide humorous, talented entertainment with a genre or style for just about anyone.

As well as covers of other artists’ songs Anthony has his own band, Set The Charge, who deserve just as much support and will be covered in a separate blog post in the future!

Popular Videos:

Linkin Park ‘In The End’ 20 Style Cover:

Jason Derulo ‘Talk Dirty’ 20 Style Cover:

Adele ‘Hello’ 25 Style Cover:

Pokémon Theme in 20 Styles the late 90s:

System of a Down ‘Chop Suey’ 20 Styles Cover:




Review By Skye W.Winwood

‘A Light From The Other Side’ by Lisa Richards

Australian singer-songwriter, Lisa Richards released her new album, A Light From The Other Side, on 17th April – a record that looks introspectively into Lisa’s life and experiences.

Normally when you listen to new music, you can instantly place it into a genre-defining box, but this simply isn’t the case with Lisa Richards. It’s not unusual for an artist to straddle a couple of styles but Lisa’s music takes on a number of influences from all over the musical world including, folk, blues and jazz, plus elements from many more. Lisa admits this saying: ‘My music is difficult to pigeonhole stylistically, my voice is hard to pin down, it demands attention and yet it is unruly. My songs don’t quite fit anywhere’ yet this is the beauty of what Lisa is doing.

Personally, if you’re listening to an artist that you can’t even begin to categorise, you know that they must be good as they are pushing boundaries and defying the conventions in music that have already been laid down.

The talented singer-songwriter was born and raised in North Queensland, Australia, where her mother, who had previously worked as a concert pianist, had moved to for Lisa’s father. Her childhood was unstable to say the least, which eventually led to her flying the nest in search of a career in music in the city.

Track Listing: A Light From The Other Side

  1. Frank Sinatra
  2. Water Needs To Fall
  3. Milk and Honey
  4. Mr. Happiness
  5. You Got The Power
  6. Summer Afternoon
  7. Walking Woman
  8. Weather
  9. Where My Heart Used To Be
  10. What Lying Does
  11. Friends Out Of Strangers



M’GOO blend genres, exploring a range of moods in single ‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say “I’m Leaving”‘

Jazz trained band M’GOO blend various genres to access a range of moods in their latest single ‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say “I’m Leaving”‘. Like all their songs, the single is inspired by a true story. It was inspired by Glen Washington’s story from Snap Judgement. The poetic nature of the track combined with an infectious melody leaves you wanting more.

Vocalist and composer Mike Meighu has a unique composing method whereby he finds inspiring stories, poetry and philosophical material, which he then uses to score the music. The rest of the band then re-write the music from a fresh perspective, creating an improvisational live style. This alongside strong elements of jazz, rock and pop forms a unique style that appeals to a large audience.

Listen to ‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say “I’m Leaving”’ here:


The single is taken from M’GOO’s upcoming concept album ‘LOVE AND ALL THAT _ _ _ _’ due to be released with discussion podcasts and video art. With this single release the group have created a mood board exploring the track.

View the mood board here:





Erskine, Olse and Colombo collaborate to form Burt Bacharach tribute album ‘We All Love Burt Bacharach’

Some of the most talented musicians of all time have come together to form a Burt Bacharach tribute album ‘We All Love Burt Bacharach’. Peter Erskine (ex drummer of Weather Report), Bob Mintzer (member of Yellowjackets) and one of the greatest jazz pianist Massimo Colombo have collaborated to form an entirely unique tribute band. The trio have created a mixed genre album with the help of folk singer Kathleen Grace, bassist Michael Stever and Darek Oleszkiewicz, AKA ‘Oles’.

Producers Giampaolo Pasquile and Michele Garruti took inspiration from Michael Buble, Chet Baker and Norah Jones, which has given to album a jazzy sound with strong elements of pop and funk.

Watch the album teaser here:



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