Rare Americans are making a name for themselves with debut self titled album

Defining ‘punk’ is like trying to ask The Sex Pistols to please keep the noise down. Whilst the good intention might be there, it’s a truly futile effort. Throughout the years punk has evolved in both the UK and USA to mean different things and be recognised differently by every generation. Classic punk can, of … Continue reading Rare Americans are making a name for themselves with debut self titled album

Cover Countdown

Every day new music is being created. Whether it be in high production recording studios or someone’s mum’s basement, the world will never be devoid of fresh sound as long as creative people are encouraged to pursue their talents. Yet not everything can start from nothing and many aspiring artists find themselves using the works … Continue reading Cover Countdown

Party Playlist

With the summer holidays finally upon us for some and just around the corner for others, most of us are probably ready to let all inhibitions go and have a well over due celebration. Whether it be a sizzling BBQ, getting ready for prom, psyching up for graduation or just wanting to unwind after a … Continue reading Party Playlist

Travel Playlist

Travelling; it’s got to be done because nobody wants to stay at Point A forever. With the Easter Break over, people all over are returning home from holidays abroad or back from home towns to their lives at school/university/work. As great as the time away can be, the long hours of travelling can sometimes be … Continue reading Travel Playlist