Feature: Japanese Fighting Fish

Japanese Fighting Fish (JFF) are a 4 piece psychedelic rock band using elements of funk, prog and indie to create their own unique sound. Their new single ‘U Ain’t Gonna Win This’ is their latest foray into the music world and its already turning heads. Combining meaty guitars with driving bass lines, thumping drums and brooding vocals, this track is like a punch in the face.

Watch the boxing inspired video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4TLrfpSbUg

Japanese Fighting Fish are dedicated to the purveyance of fine music. In the process of recording their upcoming album which “U Ain’t Gonna Win This” features on, the Fish spent 12 hours a day for two weeks playing music. Music is in the very fabric of their beings and this magical time resulted in large quantities of laughter, tears, conflict, and light bulb moments.

“U Ain’t Gonna Win This” is out on 13th November 2015

Check them out here:






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