Brand building and ambition burning in ‘Fire’ by Quadri

With great music can come a great brand and that’s exactly what urban pop artist Quadri is aiming for with his new single ‘Fire.’ Influenced by grime musicians and producers like Wiley and Timbaland, Quadri is using his music to make a scorching mark in both the music and clothing industry.

Listen to ‘Fire’ here:

‘Fire’ has an almost regal elegance to it that you might not expect, showing how Quadri has his sights set high and will stop at nothing until he gets there. The single deals with a prominent point in the music artist’s life when he decided he was going to stop letting life and people keep him back, creating something for the people who mattered and prove those who don’t wrong. This is reflected in the repeating backing vocals of ‘you don’t want to play with fire’ either as a warning to rivals or reminiscent of how people have tried to keep Quadri down in the past. Either way, he is not someone to be messed with or taken for a joke. The classical instruments combined with a demanding beat and rich lyrics give Quadri the title of Grime King among the many others he is creating for himself. Some of those titles are embedded into the lyrics, such as Qh referring to the clothing brand he is developing. Quadri has grand plans in the form of building his clothing brand, wanting it to be something that can stand on its own. He’s already successfully managed to establish his own recording studio from scratch in his home town of Bexley, leaving no doubt about the high levels of ambition and dedication the man embodies. The significant symbolism of ‘Fire’ was not decided on a whim but as a representation of how Quadri is reinventing himself like a Phoenix rising from the ashes and creating something completely new in the form of Qh.

Proving to be a talented music artist and head strong businessman, Quadri has enough drive to conquer the world twice over.




Review by Skye W. Winwood


Travel Playlist

Travelling; it’s got to be done because nobody wants to stay at Point A forever. With the Easter Break over, people all over are returning home from holidays abroad or back from home towns to their lives at school/university/work. As great as the time away can be, the long hours of travelling can sometimes be unbearable even at the mere thought and take away precious time that could be used more productively. After my own Easter Break away I was unable to post on this blog as regularly as I usually do so have decided to make a return with a post about the very thing that hindered me. No matter where you will be off to next, here are some songs to fill those long hours and hopefully give you some enjoyment along the way!

Ray Charles ‘Hit the Road, Jack’

Willie Nelson ‘On the Road Again’ 

Tom Cochrane ‘Life is a Highway’ 

Bon Jovi ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ 

Queen ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ 

Queen ‘I Want To Break Free’ 

Fall Out Boy ’20 Doller Nose Bleed’ 

Fall Out Boy ‘Death Valley’ 

Panic! At the Disco ‘Mad as Rabbits’

Panic! At the Disco ‘Pas De Chavel’ 

Staind ‘So Far Away’ 

Metallic ‘The Unforgiven’ 

Shinedown ‘I’ll Follow You’ 

Stone Cherry ‘Blame It on the Boom Boom’ 

30 Seconds to Mars ‘Walk on Water’

Green Day ‘Holiday’ 

Bowling For Soup ‘1985’

Dommin ‘Dyin’ on the Radio’ 

Dommin ‘There You Are’ 

Five Finger Death Punch ‘Never Enough’ 

Fiver Finger Death Punch ‘M.I.N.E (End This Way)’

Guns ‘N’ Roses ‘Sweet Child of Mine’

My Chemical Romance ‘Bulletproof Heart’

My Chemical Romance ‘Summertime’

The Young Veins ‘Young Veins (Die Tonight)’ 

Audioslave ‘I Am the Highway’ 

Audioslave ‘Getaway Car’ 

Audioslave ‘Gasoline’ 

Red Hot Chilli Peppers ‘Can’t Stop’

Red Hot Chilli Peppers ‘Californication’ 

Red Hot Chilli Peppers ‘By the Way’ 

Counting Crows ‘Accidently in Love’

Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars ‘Billionaire’

AD/DC ‘Highway to Hell’ 

Deep Blue Something ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’


By Skye W. Winwood

Slim Shady makes a return in violent new music video for ‘Framed’

Sometimes a music artist’s lyrics have to be taken with a pinch of salt, the words can’t always be interpreted so literally, and we have to listen for the hidden meanings inside the metaphors. Due to this, artists have been known to create characters and adopt personas dependant on the subject matters of their songs. Back in his early days, Eminem adopted the role of Slim Shady when he delved into dark and twisted lyrics sometimes with a comedic edge that could make those who are not hardcore fans uncomfortable. Over the years both the rapper and his music have matured, the Slim Shady persona being used less and less to explore more insightful subjects. ‘Framed’ from the newly released 2017 album, Revival, sees the return of Slim Shady in all his twisted creativity. The music video released a few days ago has further proven this observation and caused a stir among both fans and casual listeners.

Watch the music video here (viewer discretion is advised due to violent nature and themes that could be upsetting for some):

Even before the music video was released, fans noted the return of Eminem’s sound during older albums such as Relapse (2009). The rapper has always been on either an uphill or spiralling journey through his music, putting out both raw and honest lyrics he has never tried to hide behind. Notorious for creating controversial but creative lyrics has always had people split on whether Eminem’s music is offensive or if he is just saying what the rest of us are afraid to. Revival explores the artist’s personal issues with being stripped down in the media in ‘Walk on Water’ whilst also dealing with politically pressing issues in ‘Untouchable.’ ‘Framed’ paints a bloody and horrific picture of Eminem being accused of a crime he claims he did not commit simply because the lyrics of his song match up to the murders being investigated. Although the lyrics of ‘Framed’ may have been written for the sake of how they sounded, the process works to create something both chaotic and unnerving. The twisted tune behind the words causes the skin to crawl whilst Eminem’s harsh spitting of the lyrics enforces the violence behind them. In an interview Eminem admitted the creation of the song was mostly based on the beat behind it, explaining how he felt the beat was ‘evil’ and therefore needed ‘evil’ lyrics to go with it.

For horror movie lovers, the music video compliments the lyrics in all their disturbing darkness by depicting a man not in his right mind and the bloody consequences of this. The sped-up editing of Eminem’s movements causes him to appear disturbed, the spasmodic contortion of his arms and torso making it seem like he is trying to get away from himself. The video and lyrics toy with the idea of suffering with a spilt personality and the battle he is facing by being mocked with duplicates of himself. The certainty that Eminem was framed becomes less so as the music video progresses, the lyrics reflecting this in the chorus, ‘I’m almost certain I was framed,’ leaving room for significant doubt and putting into play the idea that it isn’t this version of Eminem who is guilty. The combination of live action and animated drawings blur the line between reality and fiction, warping the viewers’ mind in a state of confusion.

Certainly, a video to make up your own mind about, one thing we can all agree on is how Eminem still continues to push both creative and comfort barriers with his music.



Eminem’s second single ‘Untouchable’ from up-coming album Revival

Eminem’s new single ‘Walk on Water’ seems to be taking things in a new direction

Eminem stands against Donald Trump in diss track ‘The Storm’


Review by Skye W. Winwood

Todrick Hall is The Greatest Showman

Although The Greatest Showman came out a few months ago now, the film’s music has created a world I have become utterly lost in. From the stomping introduction of ‘The Greatest Show’ through the sensational ‘This is Me’ to the feel good and uplifting ‘From Now On’, I have searched the internet for anything even remotely related to the soundtrack. Whilst I have been swept away by emotional behind the scenes rehearsals and live performances I hope one day are developed into a full blow Broadway musical, it is the cleverly crafted medley by Todrick Hall that has become my new obsession.

Todrick Hall is the artist who can and nearly has done it all. Known as a music artist, director, dancer, choreographer, drag queen, youtuber and even had a starring role as Lola in Kinky Boots from November 2016 to March 2017. Collecting all these energies from his professions together, Todrick channels a lot of his talent into his Youtube channel, toderickhall, where he has over two million subscribers. It was here that I came across ‘4 The Greatest Showman by Todrick Hall’, a five-and-a-half-minute video starring Todrick and Todrick alone playing four separate variations of characters from The Greatest Showman. With such talent and artistic vision, it’s no wonder he has been able to successfully splice together and condense the movie’s soundtrack but still hold the same captivation the full blown musical experience has. Medleys are a brilliant way to honour great music in a short amount of time, as proven by possibly the ultimate love song, ‘Elephant Love Medley’ from Moulin Rouge!, created from taking samples and inspiration from some of the greatest love songs of all time. Todrick’s The Greatest Showman medley gives beautiful covers of ‘Never Enough’ and ‘Rewrite the Stars’ whilst mixing together other songs like ‘Come Alive’, ‘The Greatest Show’ and ‘The Other Side.’

Listen to the medley and watch the video here:

The way the songs are blended and follow one another, jumping to different points within the movie but still managing to sound so seamless really highlights the attention that was paid to each track during it’s creation. Todrick’s medley contains all the elements of the individual songs and brings them together, taking you on the same uplifting emotional journey the movie does.




Review by Skye W. Winwood

Say Amen for Panic! At the Disco

Panic! At the Disco have come a long way from singing about a whor-…I mean, a beautiful woman in 2005 to putting out possibly the club anthem of 2018. This week has been filled with some well kept (and some not so well kept) surprises for fans of the punk rock band. Already being pushed to the edge of our patience with the relentless teasers, Panic! At the Disco have released not one but two singles from their upcoming sixth studio album, Pray for the Wicked, along with the album’s track list, a brand-new music video and summer tour dates.

Before digging into this blog post make sure you’re informed on all of Panic’s recent cryptic antics by clicking here

For every answer we received on March 19th Panic! At the Disco raised us another question using a similar strategy to get fans amped up for March 22nd in the form of flyers and posters reading ‘3:22, Worship Wednesday.’ Although we had all been eagerly awaiting a single drop for ‘3:19’, Panic blessed fans in and around Cleveland (along with some dedicated far away fans) with a surprise show at the Grog Shop. Only announcing the show the night before caused a flood of people to arrive in Cleveland and wait in line for hours just for a chance to be a part of the intimate crowd. Once the venue was filled to capacity, Panic! At the Disco took to the stage to perform the same setlist from their Death of a Bachelor Tour. Whilst fans may not have received the new music they wanted, we were introduced to Nicole Row, Panic! At the Disco’s new bassist. One of the lesser well-kept secrets, the crowd still went wild for the new member, giving her a warm and more than enthusiastic welcome. Nicole’s stage performance was brilliant and seamlessly blended with the rest of the band as if she had been performing with them for years. A performance made a little less surprising when knowing a bit about Nicole’s music history and finding out she has performed on stage with the likes of Miley Cyrus and Troye Sivan.

No questions were answered concerning ‘3:22’ other than the knowledge that Panic would be performing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and why would the band be performing if not to promote a new single? Well, before the show aired Panic gave fans more than what they bargained for by dropping both ‘(Fuck A) Silver Lining’ and ‘Say Amen (Saturday Night).’ Whilst ‘(Fuck A) Silver Lining’ is a dazzling, explosive and funky tune, it’s ‘Say Amen (Saturday Night)’ that has brought people to their knees and was the single the band performed on the show.

Watch the performance here:

Also watch Brendon’s quirky rendition of the DuckTales theme song here:

Carrying over a hint of the sound that influenced Death of a Bachelor, ‘Say Amen (Saturday Night)’ is an R ‘n’ B, pop punk track with an infectious beat and chorus that could be Brendon coming for RuPaul’s iconic ‘can I get an amen?’ Blurring the line between religion and a good night out, the song has been explained to be an exploration of Brendon’s connections to religion through his Mormon upbringing whilst still being a must add to any pre-drinks playlist. With a song using a variation of religious lexis and imagery, you probably wouldn’t expect the music video to be something of a Quentin Tarantino bloodbath.

Watch the music video here:

The music video is a visually stunning, cinematic, stunt packed experience that gives a clever and hilarious explanation to the insane high note Brendon delivers near the end of the song. Although it might take a second watch, the video ends with the sound of a faint heartbeat and has since been confirmed to be a prequel to ‘This is Gospel’ and subsequently also a prequel to ‘Emperor’s New Clothes.’ Possibly hinting at a more narrative based story line for subsequent videos from the album, maybe even a continuation to ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ where we can finally see the kind of mischief Demon Brendon could embark on. I mean, we already know he likes to drive his fans insane with cryptic numbers and surprise shows.

Below is the confirmed track list for Pray for the Wicked, which differs slightly from the few hinted at via earlier in the week. Although, I’m disappointed to not see ‘Cult Cobain’ in the mix, maybe we can expect some bonus tracks once the album has been released on June 22nd.

Pray for the Wicked track list:

(Fuck A) Silver Lining
Say Amen (Saturday Night)
Hey Look Ma, I Made It
High Hopes
Roaring 20s
Dancing’s Not a Crime
One of the Drunks
The Overpass
King of the Clouds
Old Fashioned
Dying in LA




Review by Skye W. Winwood

The sound of summer is here a few months early with Jonny Dee’s The Human Experience

Music has provided and created many forms of escape for both artists and fans, a way to remove yourself from a world that just isn’t what you need it to be in the moment. So much focus has been put into creating musical worlds to hide in that a niche market has been left for music concerning self-discovery, music that encourages you to understand and love yourself. Alternative rapper Jonny Dee is here to fill this gap in the market with his unique combination of psychedelic hip hop and rap with debut album The Human Experience. An album aptly named when it has been described by Jonny himself as being ‘all about a person getting more in touch with themselves…the act of going out and trying to understand humans.’

Based in San Diego, Jonny has been influenced and surrounded by music basically his entire life with family ties to psych-soul stars 5th Dimension in the form of his great-aunt, Marilyn McCoo, who was a member. Jonny’s own music has been influenced by a variety of genres, the most recognisable and predominant being rap but The Human Experience also contains elements of funk, jazz, soul and even video game music – which is evident in track ‘A Ways Away.’ The song is funky and free, a laid back, fun track to either dance or relax to. Whatever mood takes you, The Human Experience has something just right to go with and elevate that mood. Whether it be a need for supersonic loops or 70s soul funk in lead tracks ‘Rhythm of My Life’ and ‘The Man Who Fell from the Sky’, or even some 60s electric guitar in ‘In the Sound.’ No matter the influence behind the track, every song on The Human Experience screams Soundtrack of Summer, infused with grooving beats that take you on the easiest journey of self-discovery you will ever make.

Get just a taste of The Human Experience by listening to ‘A Ways Away’ here:

After spending some time being told he sounds like other artists already out there, Jonny took a step back from the music scene to re-evaluate what got him into music in the first place. Whilst being influenced by rap artists such as Chance the Rapper, Jonny has also taken music notes from the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Prince, the Beatles and has managed to create his own unique sound in the form of psychedelic rap. With his album Jonny hopes his music will be ‘a guideline…to find some freedom and peace from the “everyday struggles”’ but not by becoming lost and avoiding them. Both Jonny and The Human Experience urge us to try to understand people, why we do what we do and how we can better help one another by understanding. Not only is Jonny talented but he is proving to be a true revolutionary in the music scene and after the release of The Human Experience on May 12th will no doubt go on to inspire and influence a whole new generation of musicians.




Review by Skye W. Winwood

Come and see the opening band, I Don’t Know How But They Found Me

A song, music video and tour dates announcement all in one day? You can’t say I Don’t Know How But They Found Me (IDKHow) never gives us anything. On March 14th, Dallon Weekes and Ryan Seaman’s 80s pop punk project had a few things to say after months of seeming inactivity. Of course, IDKHow have probably not been inactive since both members began working on the band full time but fans have received little to no news on the progress being made. Whilst there is still no news of when we could expect a full-fledged album to take flight, IDKHow has something to say about supporting unknown, up and coming acts in their song ‘Nobody Likes the Opening Band.’

Although neither Dallon nor Ryan could be described as ‘unknown’, IDKHow is still a project finding it’s footing in the music world, even if it is receiving an overwhelming amount of helping hands from their fanbase. For anyone who has not yet extended their hand, IDKHow is a combination of movie references, glitter, glamour, vintage, thought provoking and poetic lyrics split into vocalist/bassist Dallon Weekes and drummer Ryan Seaman.

For more on the band’s beginning and their previous singles ‘Modern Day Cain’ and ‘Choke’ click here

Taking on the persona of an 80s cassette style tune, the band’s latest release, ‘Nobody Likes the Opening Band’ is a quick, quirky nod to band origins. Every band has been the support at some point in their career, and whether you have experienced this first hand or as a fan, you cannot deny the hilarious honesty of the lyrics. Sounding like a bonus track from Grease that never quite made it onto the soundtrack, ‘Nobody Likes the Opening Band’ is a theatrical comedy just shy of jazz hands. Adding even more to the comedy is the almost metatheatre knowledge that IDKHow will be the opening band for The Aquabats.

‘Nobody Likes the Opening Band’ is set apart from both ‘Modern Day Cain’ and ‘Choke’ by more than its cleverly comedic lyrics, but by Dallon ditching his signature bass and Ryan taking up the tambourine and bells and neglecting the perfectly good drum kit in view throughout the music video. These two changes give the song a simplicity and vulnerability appropriate when the lyrics are singing for just a chance to prove themselves as musicians. The minimalistic approach of ‘Nobody Likes the Opening Band’ is a testament to IDKHow’s talent to create something so complicated from so little.

Watch the music video for ‘Nobody Likes the Opening Band’ here:

Don’t be put off by Ryan’s menacing stare and give IDKHow a chance by continuing to support them on the endless lead up to what is becoming one of the most anticipated albums of any year.

And for those of you lucky enough to live in the US here are IDKHow’s upcoming tour dates:

April 7 (Los Angeles, CA)
April 8 (Santa Ana, CA)
April 9 (Tucson, AZ)
April 11 (Las Vegas, NV)
April 13 (San Francisco, CA)
April 14 (Sacramento, CA)
April 16 (Seattle, WA)
April 17 (Portland, OR)


Dallon’s Twitter:
Ryan’s Twitter:

Dallon Weekes’ departure from Panic! At the Disco


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Panic! At the Disco has fans in a frenzy with cryptic messages

So, the new era of Panic! At the Disco could be all about the importance of oral health and hygiene but more likely is still a mystery fans are trying to decode. The first of the bread crumbs was dropped on March 8th via Panic! At the Disco’s Instagram story. The two-minute video depicts Brendon Urie brushing his teeth to a background of intense and somewhat unnerving classical music. Despite the important message the video sends about taking care of your teeth, the more intriguing part was the alarm clock in the bottom left corner reading ‘3:19,’ the time remaining unchanged throughout the video. Whilst some fans tried to pin this to a bible verse due to Panic’s history with religious imagery and Brendon’s own personal connection, the time has been deciphered to be a date.

Watch the video on Panic! Updating’s Twitter page here:

Although the video has been decoded for something to happen on the 19th of March, fans are still clueless as to exactly what we should be expecting. The promise of a song drop is currently the favourite theory with other strange happenings correlating this. Last night at a nothing,nowhere. show in Cleveland some fans received a strange message in the form of a white card printed with a black exclamation point and either the same ‘3:19’ numbers or ‘patience, sinners.’ In addition to this, five unreleased Panic songs were added to by the names ‘King of the Clouds’, ‘Say Amen (Saturday Night)’, ‘(Fuck A) Silver Lining’, ‘Fuck Your Dreams’ and ‘Cult Cobain.’

It’s safe to say the possibility of a song drop is imminent with Brendon already showing barely controlled excitement for people to hear the new album he has been working on. Over a few live streams held by the Panic! At the Disco frontman, he showed enthusiasm for randomly dropping songs as well as answering a fan’s question concerning the style of the album. Brendon went through the album track by track and gave some barely-there details about each, describing one song as sounding like you could be in a 70s roller rink whilst others have been inspired by Brendon’s debut on Broadway.

Watch the clip from the live stream here:

The hints have left fans wondering which direction the album will take but hoping by next week we will be closer to knowing. The Broadway inspiration could lead to a more theatrical Vices & Virtues esque sound or even a further harken back to A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. Then again, Panic! At the Disco has shaken their sound up so much over the years, there is every chance it will be completely unlike what has come before. For the moment it’s obvious Brendon is having fun teasing ravenous fans eagerly waiting for a slice of the new music, no matter how small.




By Skye W. Winwood

Rainy Day Playlist

Let’s be honest, the weather has the uncanny power of controlling our moods. How many mornings have you woken up with an active day planned, only to open your curtains to a wet world and just curl up on the sofa instead? Even if none of your plans involved venturing outside, there is just something about miserable weather that we use as an excuse to catch up on our favourite TV shows, films, books or just to indulge in a pass-time hobby. After having one of those very days myself I decided to create this playlist of soft and soothing tracks (from a mix of genres) to maybe give you the slightest bit of motivation to at least do the ironing. Or more likely just help you indulge in your inactive mood.

Fall Out Boy ‘Bishops Knife Trick’ 

Panic! At The Disco ‘Northern Downpour’

Panic! At The Disco ‘Always’

Panic! At The Disco ‘Impossible Year’

Evanescence ‘My Immortal’

Seether ft. Amy Lee ‘Broken’ 

Staind ‘It’s Been A While’ 

Staind ‘So Far Away’ 

Staind ‘Outside’

Metallica ‘Nothing Else Matters’

Disturbed ‘Sound Of Silence’

Alanis Morissette ‘Right Through You’

The Cranberries ‘Linger’

Dommin ‘My Reality’ (Acoustic) 

Dommin ‘These New Demons’ (Acoustic) 

Paolo Nutini ‘Tricks Of The Trade’

Radiohead ‘Karma Police’ 

My Chemical Romance ‘The Light Behind Your Eyes’

Stone Sour ‘Imperfect’

Audioslave ‘I Am The Highway’ 

Audioslave ‘Getaway Car’

The Hush Sound ‘You Are The Moon’

The Hush Sound ‘Lighthouse’

The Hush Sound ‘Where We Went Wrong’

Paramore ‘The Only Exception’

Imagine Dragons ‘Next To Me’ 

Billy Lockett ‘Burn It Down’ 

Billy Lockett ‘Empty House’

Bright Eyes ‘Lua’

Angus & Julia Stone ‘For You’

Angus & Julia Stone ‘Santa Monica Dream’

Melpo Mene ‘Sharks Ahead’

Don McLean ‘Till Tomorrow’

Ruth B. ‘Lost Boy’

Death Cab For Cutie ‘I Will Follow You Into The Dark’

Allman Brown ‘Rivers’


By Skye W. Winwood

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